Fulbright Sharing – Fulbright Connection

Few months ago, I and other Fulbrighters were invited to an offline meeting to share our experiences to be a Fulbrighters. After joining this meeting, I decided to write a blog with the topic about Fulbright Scholarship for Vietnamese. I started by collecting articles from different sources. I spent sometimes to write my own articles to share my own experiences. Since I go for Master in Public Administration, so I also contact other Fulbrighters with other field of study like: American Study, MBA, Journalism, Social Work to invite them to write for this weblog to share their own experiences. They are all agreed, but they are now too busy with their jobs and preperation for their trip. I hope that they will keep their promise.

Recently, I have been informed that semi-finalists of Fulbright AY 2010-2012 was announced, so many semi-finalists contacted me and said my sharing is useful. I am happy to hear that, because what I have done, now being recognized by people use it. At the moment, I start working with this weblog on my own. This is part of my personal weblog, because I do not have time to manage different blogs at a time. There is nothing I gain from this weblog, except the power of sharing. I think of what I had experienced when I prepared for my Fulbright interview, almost nothing available on the internet, because the previous generation of Fulbrighters are not much active on the internet with blog. So I want to change it, to make it much more easier to next generation of Fulbrighters. However, I try to make it fair, that no one has a priviledge to know, that others do not. This weblog is for everyone who will, who is, who was a Fulbrighters. The fair information they get, the fair competition they face.


With the spirit of “pay it forward”, I do hope that other Fulbrighters will contribute to share their experiences to help the next generation of Fulbrighters, to make Fulbright Scholarship – a dream of many people comes true. I also do hope that any people who will be next Fulbrighters who is benefited from the information on this weblog will continue to share their own story of success to next generation. I look forward to seeing our Vietnamese Fulbright Community growing day by day. I believe with the contribution of many people, this weblog will be the way to connect and to share among Vietnamese Fulbrighters.

I am happy to see you share the same ideas, same inspirations. Thank you for your support!




Tran Ngoc Thinh