2 Sample Letter of Recommedation

As many people asked me about the letter of recommendation or letter of reference, I would like to post some of mine as samples. Because LRs are really personal, I am sorry that some parts of them are hidden or changed. Anyway, the contents are kept intact. All what are said in the letter do not necessarily truly reflect my very self. And, as usual, all are just for your reference only. It is strictly forbidden to copy them under any form. I welcome comments on the letters’ contents, writing styles, formats, not on my very self. Thank for your cooperation.


The first is my employer’s letter (about one page and 400 words)




(Printed on the letterhead)


November 10, 2020


To Whom It May Concern:


This reference letter is provided at the written request of Do Thanh Hai, who has asked me to serve as a reference on his behalf. I have been acquainted with Hai for four years but came to know him well last year as he successfully passed the entry exam to the … and became the youngest researcher at the …


As I learnt from other colleagues, Hai was once one of our outstanding students at the …. Now, working at the …, Hai has proven to be a potentially high-caliber researcher in his specialized field of International Politics and European studies. He has fruitfully participated in a number of research projects, through which he has shown exceptional creativeness and a refreshing idealism tempered only enough to accomplish what needs to be done. Other colleagues often remark that Hai is blessed with considerable talent. However, what many of them overlook is how hard Hai works to cultivate his talent, whether it is the enrichment of the knowledge of his specialization, or the development of his English language proficiency, public speaking skills or his writing skills as he works through a research paper.


Interestingly, Hai’s amalgamation of talent, intellectual curiosity and hardworking comes “packaged” in a wonderfully friendly, humorous, sincere and caring human being. He has been the master of ceremonies in various community activities of our institute. His ballroom dancing performance is a kind of excitement and inspiration. He is now the youngest elected member of the … … Executive Board and an active member of the … Youth Union’s Executive Board. He is no doubt our asset and pride.


For all above-mentioned reasons, he tops the list of the promising researchers and faculty members that we need to cultivate for our future development. I highly recommend him for any position of work, leadership, education, or any other capacity in which he can spread his excitement and share his talents with others. At our institution, we are expecting big things from Hai in the way of educational and communal leadership in the years to come.


Once again, thank you for the opportunity to recommend such a special and impressive young man. If any inquiry is required, feel free to contact me at my email address: …………for the fast and reliable reply.


Yours sincerely,



Title or Position, Address and Telephone No of the Referee)




The second is the letter of the academic (one page and about 400 words).


(Printed on the letterhead)


November 10, 1980


To Whom It May Concern:


I am proud to recommend my one-time beloved student and currently the youngest researcher of the Institute for International Relations (IIR), Do Thanh Hai, for your scholarship program. Six years of acquaintance help me somewhat grasp his aptitude and personality.


As his professor, I had an opportunity to observe Hai’s participation and interaction in class and to evaluate his knowledge of the subject matter. At that time, he was primarily well-known for his intellectual curiosity and talent. He always tried to seek truth in each and every area of life, whether in learning, discussing philosophy, or relating to his fellow students or his teacher. His very excellent quantitative and analytical ability helped him find out intelligent and rational answers to even the most challenging questions raised in the class. Further, Hai was very helpful in creating an exhilarating learning atmosphere in the class by keenly giving ideas, discussing and asking motivating questions. He was a kind of open-minded individual who was always willing to share with his classmates his own opinion and ideas and enthusiastically contribute to discussions.


Now, he is a colleague of mine at the IIR. Always, in his work, Hai is consistent, dedicated and passionate, enthusiastic, cheerful and a pleasure to work with. He is an active member of the IIR Junior Researchers Club, which serves as a forum for young researchers and faculty members of the IIR to share knowledge, research and teaching skills and methods. Although being a researcher, he actively gets involved in teaching. He has also shared the burden of teaching activities with us. At present, due to lack of a Master’s degree, he has only worked as a very helpful assistant to other veteran lecturers in teaching American and European studies for full-time students. Therefore, I strongly encourage Hai to further his education so that he will be able to contribute more to the research and teaching of the IIR. I am willing to do everything within my range to help him and, I am sure, you will do it too.


I am deeply impressed by Hai and recommend him unhesitatingly. If you have any questions or wish to know further about Hai, please feel free to contact me at .







Title or Position, Address and Telephone No of the Referee)


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